A Prayer for Easter

Thank you, Jesus.

Just: thank you.

Thank you for coming to Earth.

Thank you for opening your arms and inviting us all to come.

Thank you for showing that no one is hopeless.

Thank you for making the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the outcasts Your greatest priorities.

Thank you for looking into our hearts, knowing what lay within, and loving us anyway.

Thank you for being perfectly obedient. Even unto the greatest humiliation and abandonment. Even unto death, the cruelest and most horrific death imaginable.

Thank you for not staying dead.

Thank you for defeating death, for winning the final victory, for offering all of us hope for all eternity.

Thank you, Jesus.

Just: thank you.


February Hustle, Days 7 through 10: Catching Up

I was going to put all 10 (11?) days that I hadn’t blogged about in one huge post, but then I realized this would be suicide. No one would read a post like that. No one has time to read a post like that.

(I’m learning… really!)

So I’m going to try to break these posts up into bite-sized chunks that will hopefully be easier for you all to read.

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February Hustle, Day 6: Saying “No”

Man, I think Fearless Leader Jon was looking right at a photo of me when he wrote this one. (Not literally… I actually doubt he has any photos of me. That would be creepy since we barely know each other and all.)

Let’s talk about the word you need to say most when you are hustling on a goal, “No.”

This is a hard one for me, because it’s fun to say yes. That word makes people happy. Yes I will do that. Yes I will be there. Yes I will work on it. But sometimes, we don’t understand that when we say yes, we are saying no to the things that really matter.

Here are three ways to say no to things that might distract you:

1. Prepare for yes situations.
Right now, about 10 people a week ask me to say yes to going to coffee with them. But if I say yes to everyone, that’s a lot of time I won’t be spending doing what I feel called to do, writing. So in preparation for that, I’ve written a standard email response. Do some people wish I would say yes? Sure, but no is the right decision in a lot of those cases.

2. Check your motivations.
If we’re honest, sometimes we yes for the wrong reasons. For instance, if I go speak to a bunch of organizations about topics that aren’t in my core strength, the reason I’m doing it is for money. Is it OK to do that sometimes? I guess, but each day I spend on the road away from my real goals, I get further away from being who I am trying to be. Be honest about your motivations. Why do you keep saying yes to the wrong things?

3. Get a no partner.
Don’t try to say no alone. Get someone who can help you do that. We all have a friend who is a master of no. They don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings or disappointing someone if no is what they should say to a request. Find a master of no and tell them that you, like me, are a wimp when it comes to the word no.

The word yes is very expensive. You only have a few opportunities to spend it every day. Don’t waste it on situations that deserve to hear the word no.

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February Hustle, Days 4 & 5: Oh… Wait. Was I Supposed to Do That?

So I’ve been trucking along the last several days, reading Fearless Leader Jon’s e-mails and dutifully responding to them in my journal and, at times, on our Facebook group page.

To be honest, though, the last few e-mails from Jon didn’t inspire me that much. I don’t blame Jon. He is writing for a huge and varied group of people, and it’s to be expected that not every e-mail is going to be inspiring to absolutely everyone.

Anyway, then something hit me.

Something that I’m embarrassed to admit I only just realized.

All those challenges, all those questions to find answers to, from January?

Since I have a new hustle… I should have been doing them for it.


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February Hustle, Days 2 & 3: What Worked, What Didn’t, and Hubby’s Amazing Budget Spreadsheet

Before I launch into this blog post, I must ask you a favor.

Please don’t talk to me about the Super Bowl, about the Broncos, or about Peyton Manning. Unless it’s to say something fluffy and cheerful like “Peyton’s still the best/amazing/wonderful/a class act” et cetera. I’ve had to spend all morning dodging tweets and Facebook posts that said the exact opposite, and as I don’t really feel like spending today in a depressed funk, I’d appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

Now, on to the business. Let’s begin with Fearless Leader Jon’s Day 2 e-mail.

It’s fun to do a second month because you get to build on the first.

We already have a month or so of data to pull from.

So here’s your first challenge:

Find out what worked last month.

I want you make a list today of all the things that helped you hustle on your goal last month. The tips, the tricks, the tools, the people, anyone and anything that moved your forward on your goal needs to go on your list.

For example: My goal was to lose 2.5 pounds. Here were a few things that worked:

1. The exercise program from my trainer.
2. Eating smaller meals more often in the day.
3. Only weighing myself twice a week instead of compulsively.

That’s the kind of stuff I want you to write down.

What worked?

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New Layout!

Apparently I’m only slightly less fickle with my blog layout than I am with my hair.

I’ve had this blog for about 9 months now, and I’m slowly getting better at blogging more regularly. I appreciate those of you who have signed on to follow (I’m honestly shocked that anyone besides my mother cares what I have to say, haha!), and I hope I’ve been able to write reasonably interesting posts.

I fell in love with the “chalkboard” theme when I first saw it, but I’ve been itching to switch to a different theme for about a month now. I wanted something a little less kitsch-y.

So I’ve switched to this one. It’s a little cleaner, uses more traditional fonts, features my favorite color in the border (always important), and hopefully draws a bit more attention to where the focus should be — my content, rather than my layout.

Also, I just joined Instagram yesterday, and so you’ll now see my latest photos on my sidebar. If you want to follow me, you can click on the latest image, and it’ll take you to my account.

Thank you, faithful followers!

The Concert That Didn’t Happen

Friday morning I woke way too early (try 3 am) and prayed I would get back to sleep. Considering I really didn’t have much to “bustle” over — I had been very motivated and focused on getting as much done as possible well before this day — I knew that if I actually got up at that early hour, time would crawl by.

I did manage to finally settle back to sleep, maybe around 4 am, and I think I slept for another hour before deciding that 5 was way more reasonable than 3 to arise.

I don’t remember tremendously much about the rest of the morning; I’m sure it involved dressing, making breakfast for the girlios, getting them off to school, and so forth. .My husband had the day off, so we then commenced with the final preparations for our home concert.

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