Psych: Deez Nups (aka Best “Psych” Ever)

So I thought, what would make a good first post for my Life blog, aside from that rambling Intro post?

And then it hit me. The “Psych” episode I watched last night. Oh, yeah. That’d be killer.

I’ll make this clean and to the point. Here are the things I loved, loved, LOVED about last night’s episode:

(before you go further, in case you can’t tell, SPOILERS ALL UP IN THIS POST. Haven’t watched the episode yet? DON’T READ.)

1) Lasseter taking a vacation day because he was preparing for his wedding, and going into work anyway to invite everyone to his wedding, by way of “Save the Date” cards and then, maybe 2 minutes later, the actual invitations. (As Only Lasseter Would Do)

2) Shawn and Gus (though probably, just Shawn) kidnapping Lasseter so they could throw him a bachelor party, complete with Lasseter’s “best friend” and “best man” (who was a complete idiot, but never mind)

3) Henry driving the “party bus.” (I can’t explain why that made me laugh… it just did)

4) Woody (the coroner, and one of the funniest characters on the show) yanking away a sandwich and tossing it out right as Lasseter was about to eat it, because Lasseter said “no drugging me like in The Hangover” and Shawn answered “please, that was a MOVIE, you’d have to be INSANE to actually do that.” Proving once again that Woody is insane.

5) Juliet and Karen (is that the police chief’s name? I always just think of her as Chief) going with Marley for a bachelorette party, along with a prison friend of Marley’s? Maybe? I kind of lost that part, but she was hilarious, especially when she was basically forcing Karen to do shots.

6) Juliet: “Did a hooker sell these [outfits] to you?” Marley’s prison friend: “No, they’re mine.” AWK. WARD. (Prison Friend then claimed she was joking. I’m not totally convinced.)

7) The male stripper in the police costume… WHO TURNED OUT TO BE MCNABB. I think I may have laughed harder at this than at anything else in the entire episode. Juliet: “Okay, I’m sober now!”

8) Lasseter catching that dude at the casino. Shawn, Gus, and Woody looking totally bummed out about playtime being over. Lasseter completely and totally pleased with himself.

9) The fact that when they were taking that dude to the police station, they ditched Lasseter’s “BFF.” Left him at the casino. (Smart, yet still hilarious.)

10) Searching the dude’s home for the pertinent flash drives. That whole scene was hysterical, from Shawn’s grabbing the receipt because it had a photo of Michael Damian on it  to the part where the bad guys catch sight of the dude, who slams the door shut and shouts “RUN!!” to the rest of the guys, who go hightailing it out of the apartment with the bad guys shooting semi-automatics out the balcony at them.

11) The scene where they try to swap the dude (who had actually escaped) for Marley, whom the bad guys kidnapped. The dude was actually Shawn’s dad Henry, and “Marley” was actually some drag queen. When each side realize the other side duped them, they agree to pretend their meeting never happened and go their separate ways. Except for the drag queen, who somehow remains in the bus with our party crew. They then drop “her” off at a church, of all places. (That probably got my second-hardest laugh of the episode.)

12) Shawn’s vision. I’m pretty sure that is the only real, honest-to-goodness vision Shawn has ever had during the entire series. I mean, usually, he just kind of has flashes of memory on this detail or that detail and so on and so forth. But when he figured out where Marley was, he really saw her. That was pretty freaking awesome.

13) Lasseter recovering Marley. That was sooooooo sweet. (I also liked that when Lasseter found Marley, the doubts she expressed to Juliet earlier in the episode just melted away. You could tell.)

14) Chief trying to get Marley’s prison friend in the wedding, talking to her parole officer. “Well what is good enough? SAID THE CHIEF OF POLICE?!?!” (Angry Chief is always a fun sight!)

15) GUNFIGHT AT THE WEDDING! This was the high point, in my opinion. When Lasseter saw the goons coming out behind Marley, and of course he plucks his gun from wherever he had it (an ankle holster?) and starts shooting. And of course even though Juliet is wearing a gorgeous bridesmaid gown, she too instantly has her gun out and starts shooting. And the goons are like, bzuh? And the head guy is like “OF COURSE THEY ALL HAVE GUNS, THEY’RE ALL COPS, YOU IDIOT!” Hysterical.

16) McNabb going after the last bad guy… and his pants getting caught on a stair railing… and tearing away to reveal his stripper thong. Oh, dear. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

17) Once the smoke has cleared… Lasseter: “You all right, babe?” Marley: *grins widely and gives a thumb’s up* Yep, Marley has just survived a gunfight at her wedding, but she is a-okay and good to go!

18) Dude (as justice of the peace): “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Marley: “You bet your ass I do!”

19) The reception, with Lasseter dancing with Marley and looking blissfully happy. Sigh.


And here’s what I hated:



Okay, okay, okay. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, even though the way it ended left me near tears and desperate for the next episode and wanting to wring the producers’ scrawny necks… it was incredibly well-done and acted. The creeping dawn of comprehension on Juliet’s face when she realizes that Shawn’s “vision” about the dude at the Michael Damian show was a lie… and that Shawn never had visions and just lied about his whole psychic-ness… that was bloody brilliant. And equally bloody brilliant was Shawn looking at the few examples of happy lovers around him – Lasseter and Marley, and Gus and Rachael – and thinking back to every moment with Juliet, from when he first met her up until they became romantic partners – and realizing that if he wanted this to work, if he wanted this for keeps, if he truly wanted Juliet in his life forever more, he had to come clean. He had to tell the truth. He could no longer pretend to be a psychic with her.

We knew the moment was coming. We knew at some point this would become an issue. But who expected it to come right then?

I wasn’t. If anything, right about then I thought maybe Shawn was going to propose to Juliet. Not for Juliet to suddenly put it all together and realize that Shawn had lied about being psychic.

Shawn looked genuinely horrified. And genuinely heartsick. And the more he tried to explain himself, the more he tried to get Juliet to understand him, the more horrified she became, because with every word he said, she realized he wasn’t who she thought he was.

Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT.

… but they’d better not break up. Or else.