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About the Blogger, Nicole

Hello! Guten Tag! Hola! Bonjour! Zdravo! Hey Howdy Hey!

Welcome! My name is Nicole, and I’m a 70s-born married mother of 2 usually sweet girls. I’m a freelance writer, a knitter with an Etsy shop, and a homemaker. I’m a Christian who is insane about tennis and a select group of musicians. I love to watch cooking shows, especially competitions and anything with Alton Brown or Richard Blais in it. I love watching HGTV renovation shows, too. I enjoy Disney and Pixar movies. I also enjoy “caper” movies and fluffy romantic comedies. I also love Pride & Prejudice. I am always looking for cheaper ways to do just about anything. I enjoy repurposing and reusing. (Although I also use too many paper towels.)

I am not the smartest, funniest, most environmentally-conscious, most health-conscious, or most disciplined person you will ever meet. I do, however, laugh louder and harder and more often than anyone I know. (Which might explain why people occasionally twitch and scoot away from me, all the while shooting me suspicious looks.) I also just might be one of the cheapest people you’ll ever meet. Hopefully not the laziest, although I have my doubts.

I am hopelessly conflict-averse. Conflict feels like war to me, and it makes me panicky. This may be part of the reason that I seem to agree with just about everyone, regardless of their differing opinions. Although I do legitimately seem to be able to see all sides of nearly every issue or argument. Just do yourself a favor and don’t ever put me on your debate team. We’ll lose.

One final thing about me: I enjoy dyeing my hair crazy colors. I’m pink right now, though that will change soon. Don’t expect to see me sporting brown or black or blonde hair anytime soon, though, if ever. I like my color.

You can visit me on Twitter at twitter.com/nic_leigh, and I have an awesome Pinterest board that you can find at pinterest.com/nicoleeclectic. I now also have an Instagram account at instagram.com/nicoleeclectic.

Also, that photo in the blog header? That’s me (with the blue hair, obviously) at a recent Vacation Bible School, doing a Greek dance with fellow VBSers. That’s about the truest photo of me you’ll likely find, regardless of my hair color!


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