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Marching Band and a Fundraising Raffle

So Kiersten has started marching band this year. This has been a wonderful thing in many ways. The two weeks of band camp prior to the start of school helped her get over her anxiety not only about all that marching, but also about her new school in itself. (This is her first year of — *gulp* — HIGH SCHOOL.)

She has already made a bunch of new friends — a truly big deal for my mini-me, who has almost as much tendency to be socially awkward as I do. And I think she’s even more motivated to do well in her classes this year. I’m excited for her, and I can’t wait to start going to football games and seeing her take the field.

There is, however, one small negative to marching band. It is freaking expensive.

Annual fees alone are kind of scary. I’m very fortunate that I’ve done enough freelance work over the past couple of months that I’ve earned enough to cover that hit to our budget. But it barely begins to cover what will be our biggest expense this year: the annual Spring Break trip.

It is so very cool that marching band has a huge Spring Break trip every year. I know it will give Kiersten some amazing opportunities to travel not only the country but also the world. This year, the kids are going to Disneyworld in Orlando, and they’ll actually get to participate in a recording session at Disney. That’s an incredible opportunity.

And it’s going to cost somewhere between $1,300 to $1,500.

I don’t, of course, believe we’ll have to pay entirely out of pocket for this. There is a fantastic Blue & Gold Sausage fundraiser coming up that should help us cover some expenses. Eric’s coworkers have already let him know they’ll be interested when he brings the brochures to work. (And if any of you Bartians out in Readerland would also be interested, please let me know! It’s yummy sausage – Eric bought some from a previous year’s fundraiser.)

I think this will help. But, I don’t know if it will help enough.

So I’m turning to all of you out in Readerland, not just Bartlesville residents.

You see, I’m working on an afghan. If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen a photo of the afghan in progress. Below you’ll see just a bit more progress.

Beginning of the afghan

Beginning of the afghan

I’m making an afghan-of-many-colors out of the ridiculously large stash of yarn I own. (A lot of it was given to me by very generous folks who had too much yarn themselves, lol.) What you see here is one row, and part of a second row, of what will be 18 rows of multicolored rectangles. I’m already really excited by how it’s turning out.

For a better idea of what this afghan will look like when it’s finished, you can see a photo here: http://www.lionbrand.com/stores/lionbrand/pictures/l20376a.jpg

How would you like to own this? Or maybe a pair of handknitted fingerless gloves? Or a behatted teddy bear? Or a set of crocheted coasters or a scarf?

If this sounds good to you, then maybe you’d like to participate in my raffle!

You may remember that a few years ago, I had a charity raffle to benefit relief efforts in Japan after the devastating tsunami. This will work very similarly to that, except that the proceeds will go toward helping my daughter get to Disneyland with her band.

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’ll sell raffle tickets for $1 per ticket. You will buy as many tickets as you like. You can buy as few as one or as many as… well, as many as you want! Obviously, the more tickets you buy, the better your chances are of winning a prize.

The raffle tickets will sell for one week. At the end of the sale time, I will hold the raffle by drawing numbers using http://www.random.org/, a random number generator. I’ll draw however many prizes I have total (I’ll have at least 4 prizes available, possibly more), and then notify the winners. The prizes will go out as soon as possible. Most prizes will have no more than a week’s turnaround in shipping; the afghan may take a little longer, depending on how long it takes me to finish it.

So what do you guys think? Would you be willing to support a raffle like this? I know it’s not a charitable cause. But it would be an opportunity to help create a great experience for my daughter — and you have a chance to win some fun prizes. (She will be helping with the prizes, by the way; I’ve taught her to crochet, and she’ll be crocheting the squares that will become either a coaster set, a scarf, or perhaps even both.)

Please let me know if you’d like to participate! You can leave a comment here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.


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