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Nicole’s Knitting Corner: I’ve Got a Monkey, Let’s See the Monkey! … and other kiddo projects

Hello and welcome to the first post at Nicole’s Knitting Corner! Every Friday, I’ll share what I’ve been working on.

This week, I’ve been working on a batch of gifts for my dear friend Janette’s adorable children (and child-to-be). She’s having her first daughter in just a few weeks, and she kindly asked if I would make the little cherub a hat. Baby hats happen to be one of my very favorite things to knit, so of course I said “absolutely!”

Here it is:


I think I finished that last week, actually, but humor me. I didn’t have a “Nicole’s Knitting Corner” last week.

I asked if she would like me to make her other two children (two precious little boys) gifts as well, so they wouldn’t feel left out about the shower of gifts coming to her new baby girl. She agreed this was a good idea. She requested some Iron Man mitts for her firstborn and a stuffed monkey for her soon-to-be middle child.

The Iron Man mitts didn’t occur to her out of the blue, by the way! Several months ago we had discussed the idea of making gifts for the other young ones, and she said “I don’t suppose you could make something Iron Man-related?” A quick check of Ravelry turned up some patterns for Iron Man mitts, and she decided they were perfect. I used, really, a combination of patterns to make the mitts. Her boy isn’t really a toddler anymore, but he’s nowhere near an adult, so I kind of went in between these two patterns to come up with the design.


I knitted the reflectors. I thought about trying to crochet them, but let’s face it… my crochet skills were really not up to the task. Knitting them worked just as well, I think.


As for the monkey, I’m still working on him. I’ve finished his head, though.




…yeah, I know. These photos make the poor monkey head look completely creepy. I swear he’s not so creepy in real life. Maybe he’s just going to need to be attached to his body before he can be more photogenic!

Anyway. I’ve started the body:


The top part there will be his shoulders, where the head will be attached. I might be, maybe, halfway through knitting the rest of his body. This is the pattern I’m (roughly) working from:


I’ve made a few modifications, but this is the basic pattern. As you see, I still have his legs to knit, as well as his arms and tail. I had hoped to finish this week, but now I realize that was an unreasonable expectation. He’s not going to be finished this week, unless I get a whole lot of knitting time this weekend.

And there you have it, my knitting projects for this week. Tune in next Friday for another installment of Nicole’s Kntting Corner!


2 thoughts on “Nicole’s Knitting Corner: I’ve Got a Monkey, Let’s See the Monkey! … and other kiddo projects

  1. I have to laugh, just a little, because that baby hat is the very one I struggled so much with months ago. *bows head in shame* That said, yours looks fabulous!

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