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March Hustle, Week 1: the Big Dream. Plus a New Weekly Feature

Can you believe it’s March already? I can’t. It seems like just last week the new year started, and here we are at March. Not that it feels like March yet, at least, not here in Oklahoma, where there’s a big mess of snow on the ground and the temperature is currently in single digits. But I have hope (and the weather forecast) that warmer weather will soon be here.

Anyway, with a new month comes a new hustle. I thought I was ahead of the game because I decided I would embark upon a four-week challenge with the Money Saving Mom blog, that of getting your home organized. While I’d like to think my home is reasonably well-organized, I know it could definitely be better. So I’ve started that challenge and downloaded the free companion eBook. Today I get to clean out the fridge. I’m so looking forward to that. (can you feel the sarcasm dripping from my words?)

So, naturally, Fearless Leader Jon decided to throw me (and the rest of the third-month hustle folks) a curveball.

Read for yourself:

Something interesting happened recently.

For the first two months of the year, I worked on getting back into shape with my trainer. We did a little bit of running, but mostly we worked with weights. The goal was to focus on getting started again so the exercises we did were focused on that.

But now, we’ve switched things up and are running more in preparation for the Nashville Half Marathon. Why did we change things? Because you don’t train the same way the entire year, no matter what your goal is.

Recognizing that, I wanted to try an experiment.

For the first two months of the year, we focused on small, manageable daily tasks. I felt like that was a great way to jump start what we were doing. Now, it’s time to switch it up. Rather than daily tasks this month, I’m going to focus on sending out weekly tasks every Monday. Starting today, I’ll be sending out tasks that take longer than just a day to compete. And the reason why is that this month is going to be different. This month is about “BIG DREAMS!”

Task 1:
For the last 8 weeks, I asked you to focus on small, manageable dreams you could hustle on. That changes today. This month, I want us to dream big. I’m talking about big, crazy, seemingly impossible dreams.

How do you do that? Look for these five factors:

1. A long time frame.
A big dream should take at least 1-3 years. If you can complete it in a month, that’s not a big dream.

2. You can’t do it alone.
Big dreams take big teams. If you can accomplish your dream without any help from any other humans, chances are that’s not a big dream.

3. It’s a little bit terrifying.
It should be scary. It’s big and hopefully a little crazy.

4. It will cost multiple types of investment.
In addition to a time investment, big dreams often require a financial investment.

5. It will require sacrifice.
Big dreams cost big sacrifices. When Jenny and I decided to go on an adventure a few years ago we had to move our entire life from Atlanta to Nashville. That was a sacrifice.

Do you have to have every factor present to know you have a big dream? No. But if you’ve got 0 out of 5, you might not be there yet.

I want you to take the next week, thinking about what you want to do over the next year. Jenny and I purchased a white board to help us with our big dream. Last week we started laying out how we could purchase a small house in downtown Franklin, TN. Our dream is to have an old 1920s house where I can work and invite people to come hustle on their dreams. Geography still matters and having an awesome space to hold small events would be a lot of fun.

I’ll spend the next week working on that. And you? Time to get started.

Will some people prefer the daily tasks? I sure hopes so, everyone is different. But can I tell you to take risks and try new things and experiment and then not do it myself? Nope.

It’s time to think bigger! Post your big dream on the Facebook group.

Oh, Jon. Whyyyyyy.

At first this one threw me into a panic. As I’ve blogged about before, I’ve struggled with the idea of a “higher purpose,” and the idea that I was now suddenly supposed to have this “big dream” all figured out — or at least, by the end of the week — terrified me. I’ve been trying to come up with a “big dream” ever since I realized that I was, perhaps, not cut out to be a novelist or a journalist full-time. And I have, time and again, come up empty, or at best, with a bunch of half-baked ideas.

Fortunately, Eric rescued me (as usual). When I told him about Jon’s latest assignment and how clueless I was, he said, “Well, we’ve been talking about a big family vacation.”

And that is true. We’re really, really close to finally paying off our student loans (after nearly 20 years!), and we’ve been talking about finally being able to save up for a big, fun family vacation. While we’ve taken smaller vacations – camping trips, the Alive music festival in Ohio, the Kalahari family resort in Wisconsin, and a road trip to visit Eric’s brother in Alabama with a side trip to Florida — we’ve never had the opportunity to take a true dream vacation.

At first we bounced around the idea of going to either Disneyland or Disneyworld. We thought about visiting Washington, D.C. The Grand Canyon.

But I think we may have finally landed on a cruise. But not just any cruise — a Disney cruise.

That would give us the best of both worlds. Eric and I have dreamed for years of going on a cruise; meanwhile we’ve also dreamed of visiting a Disney resort while our girlios are still young enough to appreciate it. A Disney cruise seems like the perfect way to fulfill both desires.

And as I look over Jon’s criteria, our family cruise vacation seems to check most if not all of the boxes.

A long time frame? We certainly won’t be doing it in a few months. Definitely not this year. Maybe next year, at the earliest.

Can’t do it alone? Neither Eric nor I could do it by ourselves, and we will probably need help with planning so we can make the most of it.

A little terrifying? The idea of a cruise in itself is wonderful, but the idea of actually being able to save up enough money to do it — and then shell out that cash — is most definitely terrifying.

Costs multiple types of investment? For sure.

Requires sacrifice? Of course it will. For the amount of money a Disney cruise will cost, we could have bought a lot of little and even a few big things.

So yes… a family cruise vacation qualifies, easily. But the more I think about it, the more I really want it. For our children, to make some memories now that they’re old enough to truly remember and enjoy them; for my husband, who is in desperate need of getting away from it all; and for me, who is severely limited in my travel experiences and could stand to get a little further out of my comfort zone.

Now then, the new blog feature I plan to start. One thing I have wanted for a while is to post about my knitting. It’s a big part of my life. It may be my favorite hobby (or at least tied with reading), and it’s my favorite way to relax. But since I’ve started this blog, I don’t know that I’ve posted about it at all.

Earlier this morning, I stumbled upon a blog that has a “Finished Object Friday.” I liked that. I don’t know if I’ll steal it, but I do like the idea of posting about knitting every Friday. I need to hit upon a cute name (sigh, “Finished Object Friday” is so perfect! But it’s taken!), and hopefully by Friday I will.

So, starting this Friday, you’ll see what I’ve been working on in my knitting world. Don’t worry, I’ll have photos. Because I know you’ll be totally bored otherwise if you’re not a knitter yourself.

Tell me, do any of you struggle with a “big dream”? Or, when someone asks you about your “big dream,” do you know immediately what it is?


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