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February Hustle, Day 25: Dreaming Beyond Ourselves

Time for Day 25!

A few nights ago, at a retail store, I met an employee with an amazing story.

While shopping for a grill, I started to talk to him and was blown away by what he was going through in his life.

The crazy thing is that his story was exactly the type of thing I’d been writing about for the last few months. It made me realize something:

The people you’re supposed to help are hidden in plain sight.

The reason folks sometimes think chasing a dream is selfish is that it can be. We get so focused on grinding away that we lose sight of other people if we’re not careful. Today I want us to pause and answer one simple question:

Besides you, who will your dream help?

If you accomplish what you are trying to do, who else will benefit?

Big dreams always have big impacts, so, who are you going to impact?

That’s today’s task!

This one is pretty easy. For both my first and second challenges, my family is the one who will benefit the most, aside from me. My morning routine helps me help both my daughters and my husband (with breakfast, with having a nurturing home, with getting out the door in the mornings, and so on), while our budget not only helps us stay afloat financially, but hopefully in the future it will offer them a legacy to grow on.

In addition, I know many of my passions help other people. One of the biggest reasons I write is because I want to connect with people, to help them and/or to show them that they aren’t alone. I love to knit because I love to create little pieces of love and warmth for the people I love. I love leading children’s worship because I enjoy showing them how to rejoice in the Lord.

I think the only passion I have that doesn’t necessarily help anyone is my crazy hair. The only thing it does in my mind is make it harder for me to fade into the background. For someone who wants to fade – that is my natural tendency – this is a good thing.

Huh. This whole “blogging” thing works much quicker and easier when I’m not trying to catch up on a bunch of days at once. Who knew?!


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