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My 30 Days of Hustle, Day 30: Bragging

Yeah, back to talking about myself today. Sorry about that.

Fearless Leader Jon’s e-mail this morning was simple and to the point. And, it was fun.

Day 30!
That’s a wrap!

We did it! For 30 days, we tried.

Did we knock out every day? Maybe. Maybe not, but I guarantee you did more on your goal this year than you did last January.

The next wave of challenges will start on February 1.

Today’s challenge though is easy.

It’s time to brag.

I want to hear about what you worked on.

I created a quick survey. All you have to do is write a short sentence or two about what you accomplished. In a few days, I’ll post the results on my blog and you’ll get to see a long list of hustle and awesomeness.

I won’t post your name so it will stay anonymous.

But this is our chance to say that together, “We wrote 10,000 pages on new books, lost 1,000 pounds and well you can get the idea.”

That’s it. I’ll even go first. I lost 4.5 pounds. My initial goal was 5 but then I cut it to 2.5 and what do you know, I hit it!

Now it’s your turn!

Fill out the brag survey right here!

He’s absolutely right. I did do a lot more this January than I have probably ever done in any previous January, ever. (Well, maybe not when I was in college. But still!)

Here’s what I wrote in my “brag survey”:

I worked on developing a morning routine. And I did it! My mornings are no longer spent with me trying to “ease my way into my morning” with coffee and social media. Now, I hit the ground running! I do morning devotionals every day, get dressed, start getting my house in order, and by the time I get both my daughters off to school, I’m ready to start writing. I’ve been so much more focused and effective in my freelance writing, and I’ve been blogging more. I’ve even freed up more time to knit, which was something I hoped I would accomplish with help from having a morning routine. I don’t hit every part of my routine perfectly every day, but I now spend my days in focus rather than in a fog. It’s been exciting!

And that, my friends, is exactly what I hoped to accomplish with my new morning routine.

No, it hasn’t been easy. Yes, I’ve backslid. Yes, there have been days when I haven’t really felt like doing much of anything in the morning (especially when I haven’t felt well or when I was in the throes of Post-Concertitis).

But I never gave up, even when I felt like doing so.

The past three days, I’ve realized that maybe my morning routine hasn’t been automatic, exactly, but I feel it. I feel it deep inside. When I’m not working on everything I’ve established I need to do every morning, it doesn’t feel quite right. And not just in a “ugh I suck” way, but in a “oh, I really need to get on that” way. Much gentler, but still firm. And it gets me moving much more effectively than guilt and shame.

I hope you accepted the invitation I extended yesterday, when I encouraged you to sign up for Jon’s next 30 Days challenge. If not, there’s still time! Go to this link here:


… and start changing your life!


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